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The New Home of ScaleRailroader

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We support a variety of model gauges/scales.

  • G (1:22.5)
  • One (1:29 to 1:32)
  • O (1:48)
  • S (1:64)
  • HO (1:87.1 or 1:87)
  • TT (1:120)
  • N (1:160)
  • Z (1:220)

And other scales including 1:24, 1:18 and 1:32 (armor)
We also occasionally work with other scales not listed.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for… ask!

But we're working Hard on it!Lunch Break

Our product list is continually growing!

Featured "True-to-Scale" products include:

  • Locomotive Drive Bands (for rubber band drives)
  • Wood Craftsman Kits Structures, Bridges, etc
  • Detailing sets Scale Chains, Cables, Ropes, Wires, Steel Banding, Artwork, Pin-ups, Wallpaper, Window Dressing, Exterior wall treatments, etc
  • Card stock Structures, Shipping Containers, etc
  • Ballast/Gravel Railway Yard and Main line and Walkways in all scales and stone types
  • Coal Tender loads, Car loads and Diorama scenes
  • Ore Car loads and diorama scenes
  • Ground Covers, Rocks and Foliage
  • Signage Railway, Street and Highway, Advertising, Movie posters, Billboards, Attractions, Store and Companies, Music, Political, etc
  • Decals Lettering, Logos/Heralds, etc
  • Alternate Power for homes, industrial and community applications:
    • Solar – Hot water and photovoltaic systems
    • Hydro Power – Small stream fed water generators
    • Windmill – Small scale windmill generators
  • Do-It-Yourself Plans and Materials
  • Electronic Projects Plans and Materials
  • Books, Tool and Datacharts

Also feature articles, guides and other items of interest for scale builders and operators of all types.

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